Changing quality of life through the science and art of retraining movement

Dr Sarah Mottram
Physiotherapist,  Movement and Performance Specialist

How can we work together?

Transform Your Movement
 Are you looking to restore your movement choices to improve your quality of life, lifestyle and performance? 

Education for Movement Therapists
Are you a movement practitioner? Are you looking for practical and scientific knowledge to enhance the health of movement in your patients and clients?

Consultancy and Research
Are you a change maker or researcher? Are you looking for a world-class testing and movement retraining system for long-term robust movement efficiency of individuals and teams?

Insight. Awareness.
Achieving a transformational shift in ways to move

‘As an elite international dance artist, advocate, academic, author and performance coach I implicitly understand the importance of movement health across the lifespan.

Sarah combines a profound understanding and belief in the potential impact of movement on quality of life. Sarah’s holistic integrated process champions a strategy to embrace the individual’s narrative and practice with bespoke retraining ….it is so much more than exercise; it is gaining insight and awareness to achieve a transformational shift in ways to move.

The mind-body connection, beyond functional performance restores choices of healthy movement and acquiesces opportunities. Using the body and mind allows physical, mental and social wellbeing and gives possibilities to {re} engage with life for long-term health’.
Dr Scilla Dyke MBE