Remembering How To Move

Which exercise? There are infinite possibilities.

Remembering How To Move



So many of my clients have searched online for exercises to help them ease their pain or help them walk and move better.


But it’s not worked for them which is why we have ended up exploring how I can help them move away from pain.


We know that ongoing pain, stress and a lot in our history, for example injury, training and occupational habits can change how we move.

And this can keep us in the cycle of pain and stop us getting back to where we want to be… walking, doing the gardening and our favourite sport, recreational and social activities.

My goal is to help people remember the lost patterns and find the triggers that are holding them back.

Remembering our innate movement patterns doesn’t usually come from online videos – because what you need is unique to you.

This weekend I worked with my mentor who helps me embody movement. To be aware, to feel though intention, attention, alignment, and breath. Taking this into movement. To move with ease, efficiency and flow.

To find healthy movement.

Because finding healthy movement helps us move away from pain. 

And builds lifelong movement awareness.

If you want to empower your movement journey with the support of a mentor, I am here to help you move without pain. Having a mentor by your side can be the ultimate game-changer.

If you are ready to start exploring your journey contact us.