The Healthy Movement Programme

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 With Dr Sarah Mottram

Imagine Living A Life Where Pain No Longer Holds You Back  

My unique methodology goes beyond traditional approaches, focusing on addressing the underlying causes of pain rather than just managing symptoms. 

Through personalised mentoring and targeted strategies, I guide my clients towards lasting solutions and true transformation.
With my guidance, you can break free from pain and rediscover the joy of movement and the confidence of an active lifestyle.   

What People Say...

Here is what Charlotte wrote:

'This programme definitely worked for me and I feel positive for the future. It was definitely worth it. Thank-you!

For more than 10 years I had constant right sided head and neck pain. I'd tried many therapies and methods including chiropractic, Alexander Technique, physiotherapy, Yoga and acupuncture. Although a few provided short-term relief, none had a lasting impact.

No-one had ever really explained to me why I was getting this pain other than it was my 'poor posture'. I now understand the link between my movement patterns and activities. And the impact of the brain on perceived pain and 'learned habits'. I learnt how much this was negatively impacting my life, how much the brain and emotions (e.g. stress) are involved in  pain. I changed habits and thinking and it now makes sense that previous 'quick fixes' never worked in the long-term. 

I am now sitting here 3 months since starting the course completely pain free and... I feel POSITVE about the future.This course was the answer I was looking for.Everything is backed by science and I felt very reassured by this.

Most importantly it works! 

what People say...

Hear From Others Who Have Navigated Their Path To Healthy Movement

Listen to some of the personal experiences from those who took the path less travelled. They share their choices, their journeys, fears and more.

A Conversation About Finding Healthy Movement.


I had reached a point of complete desperation.

MRIs & X-rays indicated osteoarthritis and physio was recommended to deal with a knee injury. None of this made any difference. The pain in my knees and back was becoming so acute that I’d stopped moving altogether – sitting, walking, bending, using the stairs, lifting, driving all caused so much pain it was easier just not move at all. I felt life as I knew it was over and there wasn’t an awful lot to look forward to. 

Within a couple of weeks I started to notice a fluidity of movement. I had a sense of having more control of my body – it was no longer in control of me. My confidence in all aspects of my life increased as my core strength developed. My fear of walking and generally moving was replaced by an eagerness to go out and walk. I love that I can punch the air when I nip down the stairs, walk back from the shops carrying two heavy bags of shopping, or, I can get out of the car after a gruelling 10 hour car journey without having locked knees and trouble walking. I’ve got my zest for life and spirit of adventure back.' CJ



'Having seen my partner suffering with such regular and ongoing pain, for Kelly to have found relief through Dr Sarah Mottram's programme is such a blessing beyond compare

Throughout our relationship Kelly has constantly and consistently suffered ongoing daily  pain. In her back, shoulders, headaches and beyond. 

I’ve watched on as she has been so disciplined. Yoga, pilates, walking, Joe Wicks in lock down…
a controlled, regimented and healthy balanced diet, little to no alcohol, regular massage and visits to physio...
each time religiously taking the advice and basically using and adapting all the things that she has had recommended to her over the years.

Kelly has always done her best to not be a victim, she’s proactive and hard working… and yet even with all of this the pain remained to the point where she has been round the houses a few times within the NHS system trying to help define or diagnose the exact causes of her pain or find a treatment that worked for her.

So many scans, trips to hospitals of varying distances away, long waits and lots of frustrating admin and delays.

When Kelly discovered The Healthy Movement Programme there was a lot to consider - was it the right thing for her... what benefits there might be? The time and financial commitment was something we chatted about and how we as a household could make it work.


We came to the conclusion that although Kelly might never find a 'cure' for her problems she needed to find the right path to help her manage her pain and find relief when and wherever possible.

It seemed like the programme offered her just that. Can I say I am so glad Kelly decided to go for it, as the difference it has made has been noticeable from very early on.

There’s the obvious parts, having an expert guide and support you through meeting your own needs is an almost priceless tool and Kelly definitely found that in Sarah.

The movement practice, routines and mind-body connection has helped Kelly learn the opportunity to manage a headache before it starts, prepare physically before a work event, rather than just deal with the fall out after... and generally understand her body and her physical, mental and emotional needs in a much more nuanced way.

One thing that has been profound though is that Sarah shows up in our lives. She has been present... always there… with her calm voice and knowledgeable and authoritative tone.

I’ve not just been surprised by the improvements I’ve seen in Kelly, but also surprised in the relief Sarah has brought to me, as I know Kelly has found the right person to help her with her pain and so bringing the person I love most in this world much needed relief.

At times when Kelly was in serious pain I have felt both helpless and hopeless. Sarah has supplied the help and also given us hope… for that and so much more I will be forever grateful' Paul 

What People Say

'10 days in hospital, 7 months of constant pain, 3 MRI's, xrays, ultrasound, a huge prescription of painkillers and still no answers as to why I was in so much pain... until I had a consultation with Sarah. Within 15 minutes I could piece together what had been going on and see a way forward to get me back on track again, enjoying my normal active lifestyle without compromise.

Sarah's approach encompassed everything that was going on in my body and mind that was impacting my pain, and her simple explanations helped me to understand why she was giving me the actions to do. Sarah was always available if I got stuck or had any questions which was fantastic after months and months of frustration. I loved joining in the movement classes once I was at the right stage. They put all the individual movements together in a way that flowed and felt like my more normal exercises of yoga and qi gong.

Within 2 weeks of starting the programme I was seeing massive improvements. My husband couldn't quite believe how I was so quickly able to regain my range of movement! He says Sarah is ‘worth her weight in gold’. The absolute relief when, just 10 weeks in to the programme I realised when I was no longer in constant pain, and that the pain I was still getting I knew what to do to ease it. I've still got some work to do but I know I've got the support of Sarah to help me achieve all my goals.'

Caroline, loves life

'I love the notion of building circuitry in the brain to change the way I move, building resilience ... understanding the things that are influencing how I move day to day.

I have the tools to make the changes and everyday I can see the progress'.

Hannah, Mum and Buiness owner

'I was working on an intense year long project. Long hours, at my computer, gave me persistent neck and shoulder pain which was aggravated by my love of cycling. The Healthy Movement Programme gave me the break that I had been searching for. I worked step by step to restore my movement patterns and now four weeks later I can work and cycle in balance.'

Jack, Entrepreneur

Ongoing neck pain was putting Phoebe's career at risk. She couldn’t perform and was worried about her future professional dance career. She had tried everything - osteopathy, physio and painkillers. Focusing on retraining her movement helped her to say goodbye to her neck pain, resume dance training and working within 12 weeks.

'Sarah changed my life. She gave me hope and the processes, practice, belief and understanding that I could see and achieve a pain-free future'.

Phoebe,  A professional dancer

‘As a young athlete facing the long road to recovery following a hip fracture and subsequent operation, Sarah’s guidance from an early stage and frequent touch points  has not only given me confidence but also the context to the understanding of my symptoms and limitations in sport and activities, in the different phases of my recovery.

Having instinctively focused on strengthening muscles, Sarah really pushed me to change my movement and focus on controlling movement and understanding my cheats and compensations. The seven touchpoints and the knowledge I have gained I can see supporting me through-out the rest of my life. A little goes a long way!’

Young amateur athlete

'I suffered a significant tear to my oblique abdominals and was experiencing frustration with my weightlifting training and despite gains in strength was struggling with overhead lifts. I felt out of balance and not fully in control of the bar and small adjustments to my technical model were not paying dividends. Sarah identified that I struggled with specific movements and was able to facilitate me to find the know how to use new movement patterns and avoid old compensations. My lifts became better and more controlled, my recovery from them was quicker and I could apply my strength more effectively. I felt that I could trust my movement to a greater degree ... This was the missing link that made all the difference ... movement coaching. Within a small time-frame Sarah had helped me make some hugely significant changes to both my performance and resilience. She makes movement the focus and movement matters'.

John, Former rugby player

'I’ve had injuries to my knees, hips and shoulders over the years and Sarah has done a fantastic job sorting them out. Whilst in the past she’s assessed and helped me manage them in person, more recently it has been virtually. Her clear instruction for movement retraining has resulted in quick improvement and sustained recovery, allowing me to continue skiing, hiking, mountain biking and canoeing.

I’m confident Sarah’s approach has helped prevent my injuries reoccurring and I am now so aware of ensuring my body movements are the best they can be, which makes me feel great.'

Dr Annette Richardson

'At the beginning I wasn’t convinced, and I can’t believe the investment I made on changing my movement made all the difference. I understood what I had to do and built on it.

Despite strength training, stretching and numerous treatments my shoulder pain was influencing my enjoyment and performance of my golf and tennis as well. This programme really got to the nuts and bolts and has allowed me to put it all behind me and I am back to my competitive self '.

Jonnie, Keen Gymnast

LJ shares

'I had been struggling with recurrent neck and back pain for over 20 years, wondering why it never really got better... just relief from physio, massage and few stretches.

I was at that stage of wondering what I was doing wrong that made the discomfort and the pain come back, and pondering could I be doing something else to help myself.

It made a huge difference almost from the get go...
I developed a greater understanding to the whole body/neuro connection and how I can hinder or help this connection by my thoughts, emotions, pain levels and factors such as food, sleep, stresses etc... it is quite liberating.

I loved being on the programme. Dr Sarah Mottram is so encouraging and knowledgeable. I felt fully supported.

 I have thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend to anyone who is suffering with recurrent neck or back pain.'

... 'after 2 years still going strong and holding to my new improved movements and life'