We have options and choices… to move away from pain

Making a decision to do something different can be hard.

We have options and choices… to move away from pain

Not choosing something different has the power to keep us stuck and prevents us from achieving our goals.  

And often with health decisions, it is the quality of our decisions that determines the quality of our lives. 

And this is so when it comes to moving out of pain.

My clients work with me because they are fed up with their aches and pain. Fed up with being told to do this exercise or that exercise or to give up an activity that hurts. Plus they fed up with being reliant on others for pain relief.

They made the choice to try something different.

A journey of discovery into movement pain and the mind-body connection. Their journey. Unique to them.

They wanted to move away from pain. To stop living life on the side-lines and start enjoying the clarity and confidence that comes with knowing their body, and how it wants to move.

They were not one hundred percent certain that they made the right decision, but they considered the information available to help them make a choice, which included…

  • Talking though their situation with me and understanding if there are movement opportunities to be explored. Book your call here to start the conversation
  • Considering why this is different to what they had done before and why that hadn’t worked
  • And of course, looking into the credentials of me and The Movement Works.

It’s all founded in the proven principles and science, so if you are a good fit you can be confident it’s a good choice.

Still not sure?  

Come and join us for a live chat at 7pm on Thursday 10 August.

A chance to hear from others who have navigated a path to healthy movement.

Listen to some of the personal experiences from those who took the path less travelled and want to share their stories…