Flip the Switch Out of Pain

LM was torn between 2 choices: 1. Take painkillers to mask her pain 2. Get more invasive procedures to ‘fix’ the issue – she had several scans and she had MRI evidence of the problem.

Flip the Switch Out of Pain

She did not want either options.

And she didn’t want to continue in her present situation – not being able to sleep, not leaving the house because of the pain  and not moving much. She’d reached her point of desperation. 

It had been like this for over a year with grumbling back issues most of her adult life.

Within 2 weeks on the programme she was 95% better. I couldn't believe it. She says the ‘switch flipped’

Now 8 weeks in we reviewed her progress…

‘You gave me my life back’

Now invasive procedures are off the menu.

So what flipped the switch?

‘It was the holistic approach that helped so much, connecting all the dots, understanding I had the power to change. Knowing’.

Looking at her movement, the mind, body and emotions took us to the source of the problem.

That’s what flipped the switch - when ML realised she had ownership. She did the work and now she is in the driving seat.

If your ready to flip the switch on pain – we are ready to help.

Contact us and we’ll get you switched back on.