The transformative power of movement

The Healthy Movement Programme is a game-changer…

The transformative power of movement

...transforming the way men and women take ownership of their health, understand their body and move without pain, so they can play the game of life - in full.

Embracing the unfamiliar path of healthy movement has been the hallmark of my professional journey. Often facing resistance to innovation.

But I favoured the new and unfamiliar path to healthy movement. I live it, I breathe it.

For over 30 years I have been a clinician, mentor, educator, researcher and author; and my PhD provides the proof of concept of Healthy Movement.

Now I put my years of experience and knowledge into The Healthy Movement Programme. My focus is helping people to move well and live their best life.

I have been addressing the health of movement all across lifespans, those with a sedentary lifestyle, the active and wellness minded to elite athletes including consulting within The Premiership.

All these people have their own story and movement is important for all.

Finding healthy movement has been key to moving out of pain towards an active lifestyle, stopping the recurrence of pain, reducing the risk of injury and changing performance and quality of life.

Movement is the central thread.

At the core of my practice lies an unwavering belief in the transformative power of movement. I champion a more holistic approach to health, centred on movement and understanding pain.

This approach recognises and respects the unique narrative of each individual, enabling them to navigate their life's journey with a compass of optimal movement options.

Take this opportunity to do something different and join me on The Healthy Movement Programme - the transformative science back approach to moving away from pain.

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