I'm Dr Sarah Mottram

Founder Of The Healthy Movement Programme

I empower men and women to move beyond pain and rediscover a life of joy, happiness and freedom.

Using a ground-breaking, science-backed approach, I mentor my clients to move away from pain, focusing on a whole body and mind approach, to regain control of their wellbeing.


 Imagine living a life where pain no longer holds you back. 

My unique methodology goes beyond traditional approaches, focusing on addressing the underlying causes of pain rather than just managing symptoms. 
Through personalised mentoring and targeted strategies, I guide my clients towards lasting solutions and true transformation.
With my guidance, you can break free from pain that has been holding you back and rediscover the joy of movement and the confidence of an active lifestyle. 

Embrace the possibilities of a life without limitation or discomfort. 

I am is passionate about healthy movement. Backed by the latest movement and neuroscience, career experience and health coaching strategies, I have has created The Healthy Movement programme.

I am an innovator and have been championing cutting edge movement solutions for 30 years through education, research and practice. 

Empowering people with the knowledge, tools, and skills to find healthy movement and an opportunity to live life to the fullest!

Don't let pain dictate your life any longer. Let’s embark on your transformative journey towards a healthy, happy, and pain-free future.
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A 3-Step System That Helps People With Persistent Pain Move More Freely And Get Back To Doing What They Love
You will learn:

  • How to beat the pain cycle to start living a healthier, happier, more vibrant life (Hint: it's not as hard as you think when you have the right formula)

  • How understanding the hidden links between body and mind can unlock your movement potential (It’s not what you’ve been told before)

  • How it is possible to move with confidence and ease even if pain has been there for years? 

The key to your success is The Healthy Movement System 
1) IDENTIFY the problem 
2) APPLY strategies to restore healthy movement
3) Take these strategies into a pain-free EVERYDAY.

I believe ‘Every person is different’ and I customise the programme to match Your individual needs... i dont use a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

‘I love to see my clients gain an understanding of their pain, their movements and how these are influenced by so many factors unique to them, for example emotions or injury. Pain is not the only thing that can change neural networks - stress, history of injury, changes in breathing patterns, stiffness in our joints and muscle, fear of moving (because it hurts!) and emotions are just some examples of things that put a spanner in the works of finding healthy movement.’

Even if nothing has worked in the past, this fresh approach is changing people's lives. Her desire to help people no matter where that they are, is the driving force behind her programme. Have the courage to do things differently.

Her love of the outdoors helps her achieve her healthy lifestyle. Spending time with her dogs both by the beach and in the countryside helps her connect with nature and powers the work she does.


Changing Movement

‘Watching Sarah work with a client, her expertise of observing subtleties in movement, connecting how these relate to their story, and then facilitating recovery for the long-term is remarkable.’

Witnessing 'lightbulb' moments on The Healthy Movement Programme

Imagine meeting individuals who've carried the burden of pain for what felt like an eternity, their lives coloured by persistent discomfort, uncertainty, and frustration... They join the programme with hope but also scepticism, unsure if it's another fleeting attempt to find relief. Yet, as they engage in the carefully crafted programme, something extraordinary unfolds.

As they persevere, you see a transformation happen - furrowed brows ease, hesitant movements become more confident and the smiles that had been masked by pain are revealed. It's as if a newfound energy emerges and paves the way for renewed hope. 

The pinnacle of this journey is the moment when they realise that the Healthy Movement Programme isn't just another empty promise - it's a lifeline to the pain-free life they've yearned for. It's a profound "aha!" moment when they connect the dots, understanding how their efforts are delivering the results they've been promised.

I love being part their success stories, and their enthusiasm is contagious. You can feel their empowerment and the renewed sense of control over their bodies and lives. Witnessing their progress and achievements isn't just witnessing transformation - it's being a part of a remarkable journey towards physical and emotional liberation.

In those moments, you're reminded of the incredible power of perseverance, resilience, and the capacity for the human spirit to overcome adversity. Pain turns into hope, and it's a privilege to be included this transformative path. The Healthy Movement Programme isn't just about physical health; it's about restoring lives and I’m delighted to be part of it.’

Emma, The Movement Works Team