The pain experience

Understanding how pain works and affects us is progressing at an incredible pace.

The pain experience

Our perception of pain has come a long way since the 17th century when René Descartes introduced his model of pain. Back then, pain was viewed as a straightforward signal travelling from a body part, for example the knee or back, to the brain. But times have changed!

In today's advancing world of pain science, we've shattered these old beliefs. Pain is not just a simplistic, hard-wired system. We now understand that it's a complex interplay of experiences, triggers, emotions, and movements.

Understanding how pain works and affects us is progressing at an incredible pace. We have the knowledge and tools to help people overcome pain by diving into their experiences, understanding triggers, and how emotions and fear influence the entire process.

Equally exciting is the rapid advancement in movement science. We now know that pain alters how we move, creating a loop that can be difficult to break.

Despite these scientific advancements, the conventional approach to managing persistent pain often revolves around treatments and medication. Often offering only short-term relief. But times are changing.

The Healthy Movement Programme stands at the forefront of this transformation. Applying the latest, science-backed strategies, we aim to tackle pain and movement by looking beyond the surface, aiming for lasting change.

We recognise that change isn't always easy, especially when traditional strategies are comforting and familiar. However, The Healthy Movement Programme is different - it's cutting-edge, designed to move you away from pain to a movement-filled life.

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