Living Life On The Side Lines

A lot of people say to me they just want to be able to do ‘normal things’.

Living Life On The Side Lines

Sitting at work, sitting when out socialising, gardening, walking, going to the beach…

But many people with on-going pain (back, neck, knees… and more) are thinking…

What if gardening stirs up my pain?

Will I be able to play with my family on the beach?

Or will I be holding everyone back on a walk – because I am slow or worried about walking too far?

It can feel as if we are not living life to the full.

Gardening, walking, the beach requires us to move. And that often hurts.

Movement is difficult and despite numerous treatments and quick fixes you’re still sitting on the side-lines.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

You can learn to understand your aches and pains and know what you need to move freely - without pain!

The Healthy Movement Programme is a ground-breaking approach to better movement.

Founded in the proven principles and science of how we move, how we process pain and the connection between mind and body … but completely individual to you - because you are unique.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Take the first step on an exciting journey of discovery, as you see what is possible for you – book a call

Step 2. Start to understand how you are way more powerful and influential over what’s happening in your body, and what you can change, then you ever thought possible (or have been told)

Step 3. Stop living life on the side-lines, and start enjoying the clarity and confidence that comes with knowing your body, and how it wants to move.

Reclaiming your healthy movement can allow you to do what you want:

  • activities of the everyday: cooking, gardening and doing things around the house
  • hobbies and sports: get back to pain-free exercise and doing what you love
  • socialising: meet friends, play with the kids and wake up recharged and go to bed ready for a restful night.

This is about empowering YOU to take ownership of your healthy movement.