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Impacting quality of life through movement

Are you a movement practitioner looking for practical and scientific knowledge to enhance the health of movement in your patients and clients?

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‘As a vastly skilled, experienced, and innovative educator in movement, Sarah combines a profound understanding and belief in the potential of movement’s impact on quality of life with the abilities of a world-class practitioner.’

Sarah integrates practical and academic knowledge, to enable movement practitioners to create a structured framework to facilitate an effective reasoned approach to improve the health of movement.


The Health of Movement

Recognising Movement Choices in Individuals for Long-Term Health

Sarah’s PhD foregrounds the health of movement and how changes in the way people move, in particular movement coordination strategies, can influence how they use their body to engage with life.

Comera Movement Science

Sarah has made a significant contribution to the development and delivery of education and consultancy, technology systems and resources within Comera Movement Science (CMS). She has delivered over 1000 days of movement education in over 20 countries and presented at many international conferences.

Education and technology CMS blends functional anatomy, biomechanics and neuroscience research to apply movement assessment & retraining, for improved health of movement

  • 37 Internationally Accredited Tutors
  • Over 45 countries
  • Delivered in 12 languages
  • Virtual and face to face educational courses

CMS has developed a global community of movement therapists empowering people to manage their own movement health

Expert skill development for health professionals for improving the health of patients within a clinical reasoning framework.
30 education modules, comprehensive testing & retraining exercise catalogue, 30 countries with Kinetic Control Movement Therapists, 25 years of delivering education.

A technology platform with supporting education identifies individual development opportunities to build a personalised retraining programme for the best movement efficiency for performance.  
26 movement screens and risk reporting algorithms, 1000’s of retraining strategies, match goals to online report to optimise individual plan, track improvements in movement efficiency to maintain progress.

A series of modules for professionals working in fitness and wellness to improve movement and performance in their clients.

A toolkit and framework for using the digital space to assess an individuals’ movement based on their presentation, and deliver interventions that change clinical and performance outcomes. Helping movement professionals embrace new digital landscapes.

Course dates with Sarah

Kinetic control Series

Coordination and Synergies 2021/22

WHEN: 2021 and 2022 



Excited to be launching a new series of the Kinetic Control Coordination and Synergy Series for 2021 and 2022.
Hosted by Dr Sarah Mottram and Jacqueline Swart

These interactive online events will give clinicians the tools and clinical reasoning process to be able to observe and test for preferred/natural movement patterns, coordination and muscle synergy strategies. From here we'll interpret the results to build patient specific retraining strategies to restore healthy movement and influence pain, recurrent of pain, influence lifestyle, activity and participation and improve movement efficiency.

We hope you will be able join us - 4 hours a week, interactive skill development modules in a supportive environment.

Multi-Joint Synergies in Alignment and Coordination
28 September, 5, 12, 19 October 2021
Coordination Efficiency to Optimise Movement Retraining for Low Back and Hip
26 October, 2, 9, 16 November 2021
Targeting Muscle Synergies to Optimise Movement Retraining for the Low Back and Hip
23, 30 November 7 14 December 2021
Coordination Efficiency to Optimise Movement Retraining for the Neck and Shoulder
18, 25 January 1,8 February 2022
Targeting Muscle Synergies to Optimise Movement Retraining for the Neck and Shoulder
15, 22 February 1, 8 March 2022
Beyond Global Movement Control for Pain and Recurrence
15, 22, 29 March 5 April 2022

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The practitioner’s learning journey

‘Inspired by Sarah’s ambition and passion for placing movement at the center of physiotherapy practice, I have completed many of her courses. Sarah’s depth of knowledge and analytical analysis facilitated me to develop an integrated clinical reasoning framework to improve and maintain my patient’s health of movement and to achieve better outcomes with symptom relief, improving function and quality of life as well as preventing recurrence. I began to see how even small changes in the movement system can have a positive impact through a person’s life-course. I am grateful to have been empowered to develop these movement skills and to integrate both practical and academic knowledge. It has been an inspirational journey’