There Is Another Way

I have been working on some messaging about what I do and the results people can see.

There Is Another Way

So it's been a time to reflect on what's different about how I help people move away from pain.

The thing is, the way I work is a bit different from what people are used to. Most of my client have taken the familiar route to finding a solution to their pain… treatments, medication, exercise - going to a clinic. Although this helps some people it doesn’t help everyone.

There Is Another Way

It doesn’t have to be hard.

It’s subtle work encompassing body and movement awareness.

Because bringing movement to our consciousness enables us to make changes that make a difference.

Small tweaks to make a big difference...

Similar to how small hinges swing big doors. Once you know the relationship between your movement and your pain you are halfway there.

Every day I connect with people with ongoing pain searching for another way. They hope to be able to move away from it.

I help them do that on The Healthy Movement Programme - gaining tools for life.

There is so much we can do. It is clear in the scientific literature movement is the go-to route for helping people move away from pain - back, hip, knee, neck shoulder (and more) pain.

However, it's not always straight forward and many of my clients have tried to move away from pain but just can't get consistent results.

But that is not a reason to give up hope.

Find the knowledge, tools and skills to make the changes.

Move into 2023 without pain - find a different way.

'a huge difference almost from the get go... I developed a greater understanding to the whole mind-body holistic connection and how I can hinder or help this connection by my thoughts, emotions, pain levels... it is quite liberating'.

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