The 'Know How'

‘You can’t Unlearn it.’

The 'Know How'

I loved it when a client used this phrase to describe her experience on The Healthy Movement Programme.

Because giving people the knowledge skills and tools to move away from pain is at the heart of what we do.

Empowering people with practical knowledge and ability.

The programme goal is simple… moving away from pain.

But it’s not so easy. So the programme is curated with you at the centre, your story, your goals, You.

We craft a programme to restore healthy movement using a body and mind approach. Using science backed holistic strategies.

Here are some thoughts from CG this week as she reflects on the programme:

‘I had the privilege of working with Sarah and learning so much about my recurring sciatic and hip related pain and discomfort.


Her holistic approach helps you to understand the quite complex relationship between pain, body and mind.


The online one to ones and movement sessions were an invaluable part of the journey out of pain.


I now know how to rectify any occasional flare ups and learning about good movement patterns prevent other problems arising.’

And it doesn't matter if nothing has worked in the past or you have had the problem for a while... CG added:

‘I'm 62 and had suffered with intermittent pain from a back injury since my 30's.’

Like to take the journey out of pain? We are ready when you are.