The Future of Healthcare… or Zoomed Out Part 2

Let’s bust a myth about finding health solutions online.

The Future of Healthcare… or Zoomed Out Part 2

Charlotte shares…

‘I was sceptical of the on-line format. How could someone hundreds of miles away do better than others who had been in the same room?

I couldn't be more wrong. From the first Zoom session, I was amazed at what Sarah could notice. I would make, what I thought were the tiniest of movements and she would notice. 

The movements are precise and she goes through them with you thoroughly, so that you really understand what you are doing. 

I am now 90% pain free, and better understand why I do get the occasional pain. This puts me more in control. I am so much happier.’

A lot of people, rightly so, are concerned that online tele-health is not as effective as face-to-face hands-on treatments.

Finding healthy movement is about building movement awareness, finding movement with ease and flow and looking at a whole-body approach.

And it’s all possible online. Be assured that evaluation of movement is effective virtually.

I have been involved in a study that demonstrates excellent reliability.

Client satisfaction is high.

Because it's all about changing movement to fix a stiff joints and sore muscles, not hands-on treatments which treat the symptoms not the cause.

And we create an environment to gain the skills, knowledge and tools to find movement for the everyday. Like to start exploring your pain and movement?

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