Tech Neck and Digital Shoulder

Black Friday to Black Neck and Shoulder

Tech Neck and Digital Shoulder

So many people will be sitting in front of their computer or on their phone this weekend waiting for the ‘specials’.

And many will be joined by ‘Tech Neck and Digital Shoulder’ with necks all seized up and shoulders bent out of shape.

Here are some of the common ones:
Although they will become aware of these pains this weekend... the tell tale signs may have been there for a while.

  • Ongoing neck and shoulder pain and stiffness with neck and shoulder blues
  • Having to say no to going out with friends and family, playing with grandchildren or not working the work because of pain
  • Various therapies, treatments and exercise providing short-term relief, but not always have had a lasting impact.

These tell tale signs can change how we move and movements are no longer free and easy.
And then it’s the Black Neck and Shoulder Weekend. The perfect storm to stir up ‘Tech Neck and Digital Shoulder’.

It is possible to restore healthy movement patterns, move on from the tell tale signs, and help find long-term solutions. By tackling the root cause.

At The Movement Works we help people find strategies to change their painful movement patterns and have tools to keep these healthy movements for life.

It doesn’t matter if nothing has worked in the past. Whilst snapping up all the great deals this weekend also remember to take time to invest in yourself and health.

Now is the time to address the underlying signs and move into 2022 with flow and ease and neck and shoulder freedom.

Message us to find out more and chat through how we can help you.

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