Taking the step to move away from pain in 2023

It's been wonderful to welcome new clients onto The Healthy Movement Programme this last week.

Taking the step to move away from pain in 2023

I acknowledge them for jumping in before Christmas with all that is going on.

They have all taken the most difficult step... making the commitment to join. But it is the right time for them.

As not only do they have hope, they know there are possibilities.

And improvements can be made from the get go. Because once you understand your pain and the triggers the course changes.

The week's round up for clients include...

'Having more energy, focus and direction than I've had in long time!'


I't’s been a busy but productive first week'


'I'm reflecting on the changes already'

The Steps...

These clients booked a call with me

We explored if I could help them move away from pain

And if they had the belief and commitment to work with me on the journey.

It's The Healthy Movement Journey.

We use science based strategies

  • to restore healthy movement patterns
  • to re-tune the mind-body

You gain the knowledge, tools and skills to make long term changes. 

An opportunity to leave pain behind in 2023.