Setting Up For Success

The biggest tip I got from dog training classes was always set the task up for success.

Setting Up For Success

If it’s too hard for that moment or too many distractions, frustration will entail. There was plenty of that!

And this is one of the key cornerstones in the work I do with my clients – setting them up for success – step by step so they can achieve their goals. And underpinning this is knowledge and building awareness of movement and the mind body connections.

This week a client shared with me her success – and she is not long into the programme…

‘I can walk, sit and move around. I can’t even explain the difference. I was in so much pain – I can’t believe it. I lived with it for so long – osteopathy didn't help, physio didn't help, medical intervention didn't help, scans….’

So what’s the difference?

When we first spoke I could sense the frustration and the doubt that anything would help.

But when we explored the history there were pointers to what was holding her back.

And although moments were fleeting, some things made the pain ease and some made it worse.

Those glimmers are a friendly face and we explored together building the friendship of pain free times.

  •  Building  awareness
  •  Understanding the patterns
  •  Small steps
  •  Widening the glimmers
  •  Understanding
  •  Taking action.

And what I see in my client is commitment to the process…

‘I am working on this because I am not going back to where I was’.

And she can because she has the ‘know how’.

If you want success to move away from pain get in touch and we can explore your glimmers.

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