Put The Spring Back In Your Step

‘It’s simple but not easy’. I hear this frequently from my clients.

Put The Spring Back In Your Step

Our clients at The Movement Works join our Healthy Movement Programme with the goal to move with ease and get back to living their best life.

Getting the Spring back in their step.

We use science backed strategies to make changes to the body and mind. We know these strategies work.

But, as we are all individual in our make-up, what works for one doesn't works for all. So, the programme is tailored to you.

We do a deep dive into how your movement and pain are related and explore the factors that can contribute to the ongoing situation. That’s what we do.

The next step is to guide you to move away from pain. Giving you the knowledge, tools, and skills to change for the long term.

That’s the simple bit!  The ‘not easy bit’ is often not keeping on track. We all need help and support. Guidance and mentoring.

We cover that too. So, in our team we have a holistic GP, a success and mindset coach, and a pain and movement coach. And of course, guided by Dr Sarah and powered by her knowledge and experience.

We are all here to help you achieve your goals, keep the plan moving forward and overcome the inevitable obstacles.

We help keep the motivation high and the accountability fun.

Then we see continued results. Change for the long-term.

LJ shared:

‘After my time with Dr Sarah my life re-emerged and as I understood the way the whole body connects this gave strength and power to the movement. I did this to regain my independence, reduce pain and realign my posture. ‘The Movement Works’… after 2 years still going strong and holding to my new improved movement and life... just do it sign up for Dr Sarah amazing restorative programme’.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter and we look forward to helping you put a spring back in your step.