Pain is far reaching

Moving Away From Pain: A Partner's Perspective

Pain is far reaching

'Having seen my partner suffering with such regular and ongoing pain, for Kelly to have found relief through Dr Sarah Mottram's Programme is such a blessing beyond compare'.

A thank you to Paul for sharing his thoughts with us.

Throughout our relationship Kelly has constantly and consistently suffered ongoing daily  pain. In her back, shoulders, headaches and beyond.


I’ve watched on as she has been so disciplined. Yoga, pilates, walking, Joe Wicks in lock down…

a controlled, regimented and healthy balanced diet, little to no alcohol, probiotics, regular massage and visits to a physio...

each time religiously taking the advice and basically using and adapting all the things that she has had recommended to her over the years.


Kelly has always done her best to not be a victim, she’s proactive and hard working…

and yet even with all of this the pain remained to the point where she has been round the houses a few times within the NHS system trying to help define or diagnose the exact causes of her pain or find a treatment that worked for her.


So many scans, trips to hospitals of varying distances away, long waits and lots of frustrating admin and delays.


When Kelly discovered The Healthy Movement Programme there was a lot to consider - was it the right thing for her... what benefits there might be? The time and financial commitment was something we chatted about and how we as a household could make it work.


We came to the conclusion that although Kelly might never find a 'cure' for her problems she needed to find the right path to help her manage her pain and find relief when and wherever possible.


It seemed like the programme offered her just that.


Can I say I am so glad Kelly decided to go for it, as the difference it has made has been noticeable from very early on.


There’s the obvious parts, having an expert guide and support you through meeting your own needs is an almost priceless tool and Kelly definitely found that in Sarah.


The movement practice, routines and mind-body connection has helped Kelly learn the opportunity to manage a headache before it starts, prepare physically before a work event, rather than just deal with the fall out after... and generally understand her body and her physical, mental and emotional needs in a much more nuanced way.


One thing that has been profound though is that Sarah shows up in our lives, we hear her voice regularly in our home while Kelly is on a zoom session.. She has been present... always there… with her calm voice and knowledgeable and authoritative tone.


I’ve not just been surprised by the improvements I’ve seen in Kelly, but also surprised in the relief Sarah has brought to me, as I know Kelly has found the right person to help her with her pain and so bringing the person I love most in this world much needed relief.


At times when Kelly was in serious pain I have felt both helpless and hopeless. Sarah has supplied the help and also given us hope… for that and so much more I will be forever grateful'


Sharing peace and love


Pain is so far reaching. I am touched that Paul has shared this and it has inspired me to keep helping people find strategies to move better, get to the root cause and set them up for a lifetime of healthy movement.

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