My 25 Year Journey

My 25 Year Journey

In the last 25 years...

I have worked in clinical practice (putting movement at the centre of what I do), established proof of this concept with research activities, integrated this practical and academic knowledge into teaching practice (travelling to over 25 countries) and explored the mind body connection with movement practices to develop the science and art of movement coaching.

I have come a full circle as I now focus my time on helping people move away from pain,
enjoy a more active lifestyle, get back to living the life they want and shaping a positive future.

I have developed a programme that gives people an opportunity to work with me, so together we can we can implement a 3 step process to move away from ongoing joint and muscle pains

Step 1: reveal your hidden triggers and get to the root cause of your ongoing problems by exploring all the contributing factors

Step 2: restore neural pathways - a science based movement coaching programme to restore your neural circuitry and movement patterns. We give you the tools to put you in driving seat to make a long term change - this is where magic happens

Step 3: re-engaging pain free movement patterns - to be painfree, move with ease, stop recurrence.

Helping people move on from pain, be active people, reduce the risk of injury and live the life they want.

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