Moving Out of Pain Live Masterclass

Live Masterclass with Sarah Monday 3rd July 7-8pm (replay available)

Moving Out of Pain Live Masterclass

Come and join Sarah on Monday 3 July at 7-8pm to talk about pain and movement and finding better movement to change pain.

In this masterclass Sarah will take you through some practical strategies to build awareness and insights into pain and movement.

Moving better in the everyday. Into sitting, walking, and activities.

Into the summer.

The problem is many people know how to eat well and sleep well, but don’t know how to move well - and end up relying on others to ‘fix’ them when the pain becomes too much.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Ongoing pain needs more than acute treatments.

Sarah will explore a ground-breaking approach to moving away from pain... finding healthy movement.

But healthy movement is not achieved by exercise alone… 

It’s built by a whole-person approach. 

Founded in the proven principles and science of how we move, how we process pain and the connection between mind and body.

Join us to learn some foundational tools to understand your movement in the everyday.

“Once you know this about your body, you can’t un-know it. It is something you will incorporate into literally every move you make!’"

£20 Register here: LIVE MASTERCLASS