Moving away from pain... Catch 22

‘If physical activity were a drug, we would refer to it as a miracle cure, due to the great many illnesses it can prevent and treat’.

Moving away from pain... Catch 22

Love this from the UK’s Chief Medical Officers’ physical activity guidelines [1]. Movement allows us to engage with live… to do what we love, and what we need to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

However, for many movement is difficult because of ongoing pain. All of the advice out there tells us that we need to move more to be healthy. But how do we do that with have ongoing pain, it's a catch 22 situation.

You know, you have to move, but you don't feel that you can move because you're in pain. So this is a never ending cycle.

Finding healthy movement allows us to move well, to move efficiently and to move away from pain and stiffness. How we move can have such an impact on ongoing neck, back, hip and shoulder pain and more.

The catch 22 is pain changes how we move – our patterns of movement alter – technology in movement labs is showing this clearly. These altered patterns are linked to ongoing pain.

We know from the lab and clinic reclaiming your healthy movement can change how you move and allow you to do what you want. Move you away from pain. It’s possible. I have loved studying and practicing this for over 25 years and now happy to have a PhD on #healthymovement.

At The Movement Works, I help people to find positive solutions for their pain. We tap into your potential and help you reclaim your healthy movement and get you back doing what you love and have a lifetime of activity. 

The Healthy Movement Programme provides tailor-made pathways to find movement solutions so you can live life on your terms. Its based on the science and art of retraining movement

Want to learn more - watch my mini-masterclass here 

[1]Department of Health and Social Care. 2019. Physical activity guidelines: UK Chief Medical Officers' report [Online].