Milly's story

I love seeing transformations like this.

Milly's story

Milly came to The Movement Works with hope and I helped her take action to find her zest in life again.

'I had reached a point of complete desperation. MRIs & X-rays indicated osteoarthritis and physio was recommended to deal with a knee injury.


None of this made any difference.


The pain in my knees and back was becoming so acute that I’d stopped moving.


And as a consequence, the weight started piling on. I felt life as I knew it was over and there wasn’t an awful lot to look forward to.


As I progressed, what seemed complicated and hard became more & more obvious.


Within a couple of weeks I started to notice a fluidity of movement. I had a sense of having more control of my body – it was no longer in control of me.


I love that I can punch the air when I nip down the stairs. I’ve got my zest for life and spirit of adventure back.

Once you grasp how this programme works, you can’t un-know it. It is something you will incorporate in literally every move that you make.


Sarah’s empathy and patience seems to be limitless. At no point did I feel that what I was saying was irrelevant or unimportant.


For the first time I felt as though I was being heard.'

Maintaining hope is important so you don't give up on yourself.

But hope alone doesn't do the trick.

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