Loving Life

I was chatting to a client today about her time working with me. The sun was streaming into my office and her smile and excitement was streaming through our online meeting!

Loving Life

… ‘just to be able to sit down and have lunch with friends
- to exercise, to get down on the floor and stand up and not have to go to everyone just give me five minutes,
- to be able to get out of the car and keep going
- to sit, do work not think about my back
it’s made such a huge, huge difference’. 

She’d tried physios, chiropractors and personal trainers. Nothing had worked. 

‘The frustration was immense. I had gone from being a spin class and weights person, loving the gym and being fit to not even being able to walk without aggravation and pain’.

But she still had hope.

And with that hope she booked a call and decided to jump into The Movement Works.

‘… oh the difference
- I now understand my body and why I had struggled to find relief for all those years
- I have seen a personal trainer for the first time in years
- I am back on my road bike and not worrying about hitting the slightest pothole
- I'm back on my spin bike
- I am walking and standing without pain
- I drive without getting out of the car as stiff as a board and taking about 5 minutes to straightened back up again’.

And best of all she has the knowledge, skills and tools to KNOW her body, her back and how to keep her healthy moves. Moving with confidence. Enjoying life again.

The Healthy Movement Programme is a ground-breaking approach to better movement.

Founded in the proven principles and science of how we move, how we process pain and the connection between mind and body … but completely individual. 

Ready to find healthy moves? KD took the first step and booked a call.

Nothing to lose / lots to gain.

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