A joyous conversation

A joyous conversation

I had a joyous conversation with a client today. The joy was in her reflecting on where she is now...

'I'm living life again, living it as it should be lived'.

It was some what different 12 weeks ago. Ongoing pain was limiting her life. She didn't want to venture far, pain was calling the shots but she had hope.

 She has now found healthymovement. . with The Healthy Movement Programme

On the programme we work together:

  • To discover how you can move your body again without pain
  • To explore your unique story
  • To piece together the missing pieces of the puzzle allowing us to find better options to move without pain. For the long term
  •  We link it all together to re-establish healthy movement.
  • We work out what's influencing your pain and move away from it. Your story is at the centre. 

Once we understand the triggers, we design a tailor-made plan. Continually tweaking to get the most out of our time together.

A holistic programme based on the latest science. 

 To start your journey, get in touch