I am back in the driving seat

'... and in control of my pain.'

I am back in the driving seat

I love to hear these sort of comments from my clients. Proven science based strategies give them the awareness, the knowledge and the tools to turn things around.

Now, when we are in the driving seat we usually have a plan about where we going and how to get there. And of course the SatNav is often the guide.

Similar to The Healthy Movement Programme. We need to be clear about where you want to go, have a plan and a guide.

I have structured The Healthy Movement Programme to do just that - shape a plan to meet your vision. And I am the guide - using my 'know-how' to get you to where you want to go.

The basis of my work is helping you discover how to move your body again without pain. It doesn’t have to be hard. It’s subtle work encompassing body and movement awareness. Bringing movement to our consciousness enables us to make changes that make a difference.

Small tweaks to make a big difference... similar to how small hinges swing big doors. Once you know the relationship between your movement and your pain you are halfway there.

Together we explore your unique movement patterns and your story. We piece together the missing pieces of the puzzle allowing us to find better options for you to move without pain.

For the long term.

We find the missing link and work together to re-establish healthy movement.

And the reason this programme works is we put you and your story at the centre. We work out what influencing your pain so you can move away from it.

Not just treating your pain.

Once we understand your triggers, we’ll design a strategy to move your forward. It’s a tailor-made plan, which we continually tweak so you can get the most out of our time together.

And the thing is, the way I work is a bit different from what people are used to. Most of my client have taken the familiar route to finding a solution to their pain… treatments, medication, exercise - going to a clinic. Although this helps some people it doesn’t help everyone. There is another way.

Using the latest science and technology to get YOU the results you have been waiting for.

Ready to get back in the driving seat?