How we move

'How we move has a direct influence on ongoing and recurrent joint and muscle pains'.

How we move

I am always championing movement to help people move out of pain and towards their best life.

Reclaiming healthy movement can allow you to do what you want...

• cooking, gardening and doing things around the house
• get back to pain-free exercise and doing what you love
• do the things that you want to do every day… meet friends, play with the kids and wake up recharged and go to bed ready for a restful night. 

And it works!

I have shown proof of concept with my PhD and my clients have shown me how they have changed their lives and got back to leading the life they wish. 

One client said to me yesterday:

'The movement works it most definitely does'

I help people all over the UK, as far as Australia and use the power of modern technology, science and movement coaching to promote long-term wellbeing.

What are the main differences to my unique approach?…

  • People gain awareness, knowledge and the tools to reclaim their healthy movement by changing the way they move
  • Problems are targeted at the core rather than managing symptoms which allows the resolution of ongoing pain, stiffness and other presentations
  • A holistic approach that is customised to the individual with a balanced approach between movement and exercise

Tired of pain ruling your life? Happy to chat about The Movement Works and The Healthy Movement Programme


My mission is to help people find strategies to move better, get to the root cause and set them up for a lifetime of healthy movement.