Everyday I connect with people with ongoing pain. They hope to be able to move away from it. But they are taking action by connecting with me.  


The solution is not in the hope but in the taking action.

So when my clients have the hope, and they take the action to work with me, I can mentor them to find healthy movement.

Finding healthy movement can give us the opportunity to move away from pain.

There is so much we can do. It is clear in the scientific literature 'exercise' is the go to route for helping people move away from pain - back, hip, knee, neck shoulder (and more) pain.

However it's not always straight forward and many of my clients have tried to move away from pain but just can't get consistent results.

But that is not a reason to give up hope.

When we have ongoing persistent or recurring pain there are changes in the neural networks which drive our patterns of movement.

These changes are linked to the persistent and recurring pain.

Pain is not the only thing that can change these neural networks - stress, history of injury, changes in a breathing patterns, stiffness in our joints and muscle, fear of moving (because it hurts!) and emotions are just some examples of things that put a spanner in the works of finding healthy movement.

On The Healthy Movement Programme we find the elements that are holding you back. And then use science backed strategies to move forward away from pain and to healthy movement for the long term.

I'll help you find the knowledge, tools and skills to make the changes.

Here is some feedback I have had this week...

'Sarah was able to explain to me what was happening, why it was happening and how the way she worked could get me back on track again, enjoying my normal active lifestyle without compromise. Her approach encompassed everything that was going on in my body and mind that was impacting my pain. Her simple explanations helped me to understand why she was giving me the actions and movements to do. Within 2 weeks of starting the programme I was seeing massive improvements.'

If you have hope and are ready to take action, like my client above, I would love to chat and help you take hope into action.

You can contact me here

My mission is to help people find strategies to move better, get to the root cause and set them up for a lifetime of healthy movement.