Helping You Find Healthy Movement

Finding healthy movement – that’s my thing. Every day I am reminded how powerful movement is to make us feel better.

Helping You Find Healthy Movement

I am really enjoying reading MOVE! The New Science of Body and Mind by Caroline Williams. A book exploring the powerful connection between mind and body. How movement can make a massive difference to how we think and feel.

And my clients remind me every day how moving better is changing their lives:

‘Just got to the bottom of the stairs and thought I walked down them ‘normally’‘I don’t even think about my back anymore’
‘That pain/discomfort can be dealt with quite swiftly and not necessarily hang around’.

So, it’s good to move. but it doesn't always feel good because of ongoing pain. Pain changes how we move and feel and which can be difficult to shift.

Healthy Movement Insight

If you have ongoing pain, it’s how you move that matters

So how do we get back to moving with ease so movement can be part of our wellness strategy?

By finding healthy movement.

Because when you find healthy movement, you’ll want to do more of it, because it feels good.

And that makes life better.

HOW: on our science backed, tried and tested Healthy Movement Programme.

Are you ready?