Finding Pain Solutions

Many people with ongoing pain are tired of endless appointments chasing relief.

Finding Pain Solutions

Treatments can help to a degree but the problem never really goes away.

It can be frustrating and I understand. As a physio and movement practitioner I felt the same.

I am Dr Sarah, a clinician, researcher, educator and mentor, with a PhD in Healthy Movement. I am happy to say there is a different way.

But I haven’t always known this to be the case.

During my early career I spent a lot of time chasing pain. Learning and becoming skilled in numerous techniques that can change pain ‘instantly’. But often the pain returned, and my patients were not getting to where they wanted to be.

It was often said:

‘treat the pain and the movement will sort itself out.’

I knew this wasn't always true. I wanted to find the answer to why people couldn't return to their healthy movement. I did a deep dive into this and a body of work which formed the basis of my PhD.

I found the key was restoring healthy movement – which is influenced by so many things… injury, pain, emotions, habits and so much more.

This work, along with the experience of helping 1000s of people has given me the practical tools to help them move away from pain – transforming theory into movement practice. The best part is it's a science backed strategy.

This approach is more than just a quick fix… for many it has made a difference for the long term.

For over 25 years I have studied and researched movement science and explored ways to help people change the way they move.

I have also been an advocate and voice for people who have not found the answers they are looking for in conventional treatments. These people deserve better and to live their best life.

I am on a mission to take this work to people who have the hope there is a solution. I work with my clients to give them a better understanding as to why they have their pain and what they can do about it.

This is an invitation to people who want more and are ready to see if this transformational and sustainable approach will work for them too.