Finding Healthy Movement with Dr Sarah

I love my colleagues Rachel's comment on LinkedIn yesterday – she quoted from one of her clients… ‘you're not a typical physiotherapist’. Not sure what typical is but I know Rachel and I share a passion for movement.

Finding Healthy Movement with Dr Sarah

So I put my hand up to not being ‘typical’ too. I am passionate about helping people to MOVE away from pain by reclaiming their healthy movement. 

There are five key elements to how I work:

1. Helping people in pain gain the awareness, the knowledge and the tools to change their movement habits and get them back to living the life they want.

2. Targeting the problems at the core. This means digging deep into why people change the way they move and lose their healthy movement... directing focus to the movement to find the resolution of ongoing pain, stiffness and many other symptoms. We're not treating the symptoms, but changing movement habits and causes for the long term.

3. A holistic approach including for example movement, mindset, and breathing. Each plan is bespoke to the individual so we can look at their own story.

4. A balanced approach between movement and exercise. We need to move well to enjoy the things we need to do and the things that we love to do.

5. Using the power of modern technology, proven science and a movement coaching programme to promote long term wellness. 

This isn't a sticking plaster approach. The goal is to make changes to the underlying causes to give us longevity out of pain.

Out of pain today, tomorrow and beyond

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