Do Online Solutions For Moving Away From Pain Work?

Telemedicine and online solutions for delivering healthcare and wellness, like so many online solutions, is a growth sector.

Do Online Solutions For Moving Away From Pain Work?

And it’s a resounding yes, they do work for helping people move out of pain.

I think most of my clients ask themselves… how can this work online? They are so used to face to face sessions but are willing to explore something different.

They realise they haven’t got to where they want to be, but know deep down there is a different way.

A solution to sitting on the side-lines because their ongoing pain is limiting what they want to do.

But once they understand the programme they commit. Because they know it’s based on science.

Nobody else has developed a programme like this. It’s leading the way of putting science into practice. We know it works. But recognise it’s not easy.

That’s why the programme is designed to help and support you on your journey. Because if we get the work done we get results.

It’s ahead of the game and different..

We cover all bases and are committed to give people the tools, knowledge and skills to move away from pain. A long-term solution.

It’s a non-medical option. Not chasing pain but understanding what is going on and why. And developing strategies to move away from pain.

OK you don't get the ‘hands-on treatment’ but you get all the benefits and more.

Yes it’s different.

You get the ‘know how’ to make the difference. Tools for life.

Take the path less travelled. Less travelled for now at least. Because this approach is gaining momentum for helping people out of pain. Because understanding movement and pain science is helping us design a programme tailored to you.

What my clients say about the online delivery…

‘I was sceptical of the online format. How could someone hundreds of miles away do better than others who had been in the same room? I couldn't be more wrong.’

‘Sarah's ability to see what's going on virtually is excellent and her knowledge of how the body works to create healthy/not so healthy movement is unparalleled’.

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