'Breathing exercises' were on the curriculum when I studied physiotherapy some time ago. I didn't appreciate then, how helping clients focus on their breath, can have such a big impact on helping them move away from pain, influence their mind body connection and enhance their healthy movement patterns.


I work with people who have ongoing neck, back, hip, shoulder (and more!) issues and haven't been able to move away from pain with the strategies they have used so far.

The main focus is restore healthy movement patterns. In particular how we coordinate movements of the multiple joints and muscle that make up the musculoskeletal system... healthy movement.

That's an overview as there are some many factors that influence how we move... our history of movement eg injuries, habits and lifestyle, emotions and ongoing pain. All creating a loop which keeps us in the patterns.

And of course our breath. Ongoing pain can effect our breathing patterns and it adds to the mix. Ongoing pain can also trigger and maintain the stress response.

Breathing is a powerful tool that we can use to reduce stress, ease pain and manage our emotions.

And for me it is a valuable strategy to use on the healthy movement journey to help people out of pain.

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