Awareness, knowledge and tools

How we move is influenced by so many things... pain, emotions, habits, training, injury, loss of flexibility and so much more.

Awareness, knowledge and tools

And how we move can perpetuate ongoing pain, what we can do and our quality of life.

More importantly we can change these patterns and help you move on from pain and live the life you want.

As you know it's easy to search for advice on what to do and not to do : exercises, pillows, novel treatments... on YouTube for example.

Sometimes we hit the magic bullet and off we go. In many cases it's not instant but there is hope because changing movement can change lives.

My focus is on helping people in pain gain the awareness, the knowledge and the tools to change their movement habits and get them back to living the life they want and shaping a positive future #innovation.

I developed The Healthy Movement Programme to do just that... working with me as your Movement Mentor. This is not a quick fix treatment but gaining tools for life so you can embody.

A holistic approach to healthy movement which embraces your story to enables you to steer your life course by giving you the best options to move.

Healthy movement allows you to engage with life, for quality of life and a lifetime of activity.

Ready to embrace healthy movement to move away from pain?