Assess, Interpret and Restore

Restoring your Health of Movement at The Movement Works

Assess, Interpret and Restore

You are at the heart of The Movement Works’ practice. Our passion is to transform movement, using the mind-body connection to embrace and influence challenges and to {re} engage with life.

The Movement Works is based on three fundamental components:

  1. Assess your movement quality through observation and tests
  2. Interpret the results to shape your individual movement coaching
  3. Empower you as an individual to restore movement quality and re-engage with life.

Restoring how you move and coordinate movement (movement coordination strategies) can help you:

  • Manage your pain, recurrent pain and symptoms
  • Influence your lifestyle, activities and participation in things you love
  • Change your movement efficiency
  • Improve your sporting performance and mitigate the risk of injury.