Are We Getting To Grips With Pain?

The fact is, health care is not getting to grips with musculoskeletal pains - back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee and more. And it's a global issue.

Are We Getting To Grips With Pain?

For years practitioners and researchers have been chasing a one solution fits all approach to this problem.

But the problem is as prevalent as ever.

It's clear now that back pain and other musculoskeletal issues are usually a multi-faceted problem that need a multi-faceted approach.

At The Movement Works we focus on helping people restore healthy movement and move away from joint and muscle pain to give them the freedom to move well into the future.
One of the key pillars for retraining healthy movement is to engage, empower and educate every person to find pain-free movement and stay that way.

That's our focus.

And because it is a multi-faceted problem, we embrace a multi-faceted approach.

Our team at The Movement Works is here to help people move away from pain with a holistic approach.

I'm delighted this week to welcome Suzanne Tang, Physiotherapist and Movement Specialist to The Movement Work’s team.

Suzanne will be bringing her movement expertise to our programme and will be working closely with Sarah to bring healthy movement to our clients.

Sarah has curated The Healthy Movement Programme from an extensive career in research, teaching and the practical application of finding healthy movement.

Our team also includes:

  • Dr Farhana Rahman, Life Style Medicine Physician, GP and Health Coach.
  • Suzanne McDonald, our own Success and Mindfulness Coach to help us navigate the journey.
  • Shalini Arora, who helps us take movement and breath and meditation into practice.

And behind the scenes we have:

  • Danielle Rickwood, our Programme Consultant and
  • Emma Peradon heading up Client Services.

This wonderful team is here to help you get to grips with your musculoskeletal pain and find healthy movement for the longterm.

We’re ready when you are...

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