Are Stuck Patterns Keeping You In The Pain Loop?

The sunshine over the 4-day weekend seemed to bring out so much activity… families at the beach, gardening and people out walking with their dogs.

Are Stuck Patterns Keeping You In The Pain Loop?

I enjoyed these too. Getting out in the spring sunshine.

And with the days getting longer we’re thinking about getting out and about and doing more.

But is pain and moving well holding you back?

So many of my clients say they just want to be able to garden, enjoy walking and have the freedom move without pain.

And they reached these goals on The Healthy Movement Programme. They took action.

With me, they took a deep dive into what was holding them back and consistently took the action to makes changes.

… making changes to how they move and the mind body connection – as stuck patterns keep us in the pain loop.

Healthy Movement Insight 

If you start now you’ll be in a different place by the longest day.

Gardening, walking with ease?

Be like MB who said this week …

‘I did all my gardening - cut grass, weeded etc and last year I was afraid to cut the grass’.

If you want to take action book at call here and let’s chat about how to move away from pain.