A holistic approach

To finding healthy movement

A holistic approach

‘I want to be able to enjoy my normal day to day activities including walking, gardening, yoga. I want to be able to enjoy driving longer distances again so I can head off on my usual adventures... to be able to sit comfortably at my art desk again and when I am working.’

I see so many clients who aren’t living their life to the full because of ongoing pain and with all that brings. So many people just want their life back, without having to worry that activities will stir things up.

When I listen to my clients’ stories I listen to their movement story and the influences.

From here we look at movement.

Science tells us how we move can influence ongoing pain. Pain, history of pain and injury, movement habits from sport and work, emotions and more can change how we coordinate movements. This can perpetuate ongoing pain. We build a picture of your movement and ongoing problems and how it is affecting what you want to do.

Pain influences our nervous system including the brain. The brain is influenced by so many things including the state and action of the body.
Movement and the mind-body are inter-related.

It is an old notion that we can compartmentalise body parts, organs, different parts of the brain, the endocrine system…

Let's take a look of the autonomic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system - is the fight or flight part - essential for getting out of danger and be in a state of readiness. The parasympathetic nervous system is more the 'business as usual' system that keeps the basic functions of your body working as they should. Both are essential. When things get hectic, when in pain or stressed, the fight or flight mechanisms can go into overdrive and perpetuate the high alert status. This can increase the ‘sensitivity’ in the nervous system and influences how we feel pain. A parasympathetic nervous system boost can decrease this sensitivity (e.g. breath work, walk in nature).

You can change the way you move and the sensitivity of the nervous system... influence your emotions, embody movement and move away from pain. With tools, knowledge and skills you can move with more comfort, ease, grace and power.

More and more of my clients come to me because they are looking for a holistic and sustainable approach. Many have tried strategies which have focused on one system – they feel better for a while but can't maintain the effect and move onto something else.

'For me, the holistic approach that Sarah uses was the key difference to all previous treatments I had experienced. In addition to being pain free I have a much better understanding of my movement patterns. I have developed good habits that have set me up for life.' 

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