Pain, healthy movement and quality of life

On my walk this morning I was reflecting on all the positive feedback I have had on my drive to help people find movement freedom.

One thing that has really struck me in the last few weeks is how so many people carry on with their daily routines despite their joint and muscle aches and pains

This is really encouraging in that people are able to ‘carry on’. People often tell me ‘it doesn't stop me doing anything’ but there is a downside.

I have really appreciated how chronic pain can impact quality of life through influencing emotions, mental health and therefore quality of life.

Ongoing pain is complex and as we are all unique it is often challenging to find the one thing that is going to magic it away - the one exercise or one treatment.

From my work, exploring this, over the last 25 years, I have seen how we move to be really important in ongoing joint and muscle issues and chronic pain. 

And how we move is influenced by so many things; including this sets up a never ending cycle - pain changes how we move, how we move influences our pain… pain changes how we move, how we move influences our pain and repeat.

The positive news is if we change HOW we move we can STOP the ongoing and recurrent pain and move on with our lives.

So my mission is to help people find strategies to move better, get to the root cause and set them up for a lifetime of health movement.