Moving on from the pain software

'Is there anything I can do to relieve my neck [back, hip, shoulder pain]?

Moving on from the pain software

Many people have searched for a solution with therapy, massage and often the last resort are tabs.

I talk to many people who are so motivated to move away from pain... they just don’t know how.

There are two elements which are key to moving with ease.

1. Restoring changed movement patterns which help maintain the cycle of tissue stress and ongoing pain...

We know pain changes the way we move our neck [back, hip, shoulder}. This influences our alignment and coordination and we get stuck in limited movement patterns which our tissues don't like. We move with these limited patterns day in day out and this can lead to fatigue and chronic recurrent pain.

2. Rebooting the neural circuity so we can move away from the chronic pain patterns.

Pain, emotions and the burden of dealing with pain can change the software in our brains. We start to run on chronic pain software.

Movement patterns and neural circuitry are truly linked and influence each other. A mind-body approach is necessary to reboot the movement patterns and neural circuitry for a long term solution.

That’s exactly what we do at The Movement Works

It can feel like a steep slope to reach the ultimate goal of pain-free movement but we are here to coach you every step of the way.

Take action now to step into the New Year moving with ease and flow.

We are committed to helping you find solutions to ongoing and recurrent pain. If you are committed to do the work you can get results by the time the New Year rolls in.

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