Moving away from pain with technology

It’s ironic that the way I work uses technology to help people move away from pain.

Moving away from pain with technology

Ironic because often the use of technology and the associated postural influences are a factor in maintaining ongoing symptoms.

Ironic: interesting, strange, or funny because of
being very different from what you would usually expect.

And the thing is, the way I work is a bit different from what people are used to. Most of my clients have taken the familiar route to finding a solution to their pain… treatments, medication, exercise - going to a clinic. Although this helps so many it didn't help them.

I work with people online, using technology, to help them gain the awareness, the knowledge and the tools to change their movement habits and get them back to living the life they want.

This strategy is backed by science:

  • Observing movement with a camera is as good as if we were in the same room
  • The strategies we use to train movement are underpinned by the lasted science in movement
  • And we use the latest pain science education methods to address changes observed in people with ongoing pain.

Using the latest science and technology to get results.

I can help you get to where you want to go – mentoring on my 12 week programme so you don't look back.

So as we approach the Platinum Jubilee weekend maybe reflect... is your movement holding you back from doing what you want; 

  • Being with friends, family and neighbours and enjoying the celebrations
  • Helping out tying up the bunting
  • Or getting way from in all with a walk or a run?

If so let's chat to see if I can help you move away from pain. I have been helping clients for over 25 years, have taught therapists these methods all over the world and studied and researched movement science so I can help you follow a proven strategy.

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2 weeks in, and one of my clients has moved away from 14 years of pain - the KEY, really understanding how movement and pain are related and then changing the patterning. Between us we can do it! It's a joint effort. I am here to help you.