How Many Remedies Are There For Back Pain?

A quick search comes up with 140,000,000 results! That’s a lot of remedies! And then there is neck, shoulder, hip, and more, pain.

How Many Remedies Are There For Back Pain?

Many of these are acute treatments including massage, lotions and potions and exercise including stretches.

Ongoing and chronic pain needs more than acute treatments.

Many people know how to eat well and sleep well, but don’t know how to move well - and end up relying on others to ‘fix’ them when the pain becomes too much.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way...

Each of my clients has a story about the remedies they have tried. But are still searching because they have hope. 

Often when we first speak they start to understand their patterns, what hurts and why, and the links in their story. Links to their pain.

They get an insight into why what they are doing is not working and why they are stuck in the pain loop.

And, what they can do about it  - finding healthy movement.

But healthy movement is not achieved by exercise alone… 

It’s built by a whole-person approach. 

And because of this our work together is founded on the proven principles and science of how we move, how we process pain and the connection between mind and body.

“Once you know this about your body, you can’t un-know it. It is something you will incorporate into literally every move you make!"

We are here to explore how finding healthy movement can help you move more freely and get you back to a summer of fun.