The Neck and Shoulder Works 

Restore • Transform • Move


The Neck and Shoulder Works with Dr Sarah mottram 



My mission is to help people find strategies to move better, get to the root cause and set them up for a lifetime of healthy movement.

Coaching People To Move With Ease

About the programme?

This programme will give you tools and strategies for life:

  1. We reveal the hidden triggers and root cause
  2. We restore your neural pathways to form new circuitry and get to grips with your unique patterns
  3. We put YOU in the driving seat so you can make the transformation, with a toolkit to build resilience.

What Results Can You Expect?

 Restoring neural circuitry gives you the opportunity for healthy movement... 

changes pain
stops it from coming back
and gets you back on track to enjoy life and the things you love to do.

So YOU are empowered to change for the long term.


What People Say...

Here is what Charlotte wrote:

'This programme definitely worked for me and I feel positive for the future. It was definitely worth it. Thank-you!

For more than 10 years I had constant right sided head and neck pain. I'd tried many therapies and methods including chiropractic, Alexander Technique, physiotherapy, Yoga and acupuncture. Although a few provided short-term relief, none had a lasting impact.

No-one had ever really explained to me why I was getting this pain other than it was my 'poor posture'. I now understand the link between my movement patterns and activities. And the impact of the brain on perceived pain and 'learned habits'. I learnt how much this was negatively impacting my life, how much the brain and emotions (e.g. stress) are involved in  pain. I changed habits and thinking and it now makes sense that previous 'quick fixes' never worked in the long-term. 

I am now sitting here 3 months since starting the course completely pain free and... I feel POSITVE about the future.This course was the answer I was looking for.Everything is backed by science and I felt very reassured by this.

Most importantly it works! 



LJ shares 

I had been struggling with recurrent neck and back pain for over 20 years, wondering why it never really got better... just relief from physio, massage and few stretches.

I was at that stage of wondering what I was doing wrong that made the discomfort and the pain come back, and pondering could I be doing something else to help myself.

It made a huge difference almost from the get go... 
I developed a greater understanding to the whole body/neuro connection and how I can hinder or help this connection by my thoughts, emotions, pain levels and factors such as food, sleep, stresses etc... it is quite liberating.

I loved being on the programme. Dr Sarah Mottram is so encouraging and knowledgeable. I felt fully supported.

 I have thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend to anyone who is suffering with recurrent neck or back pain.

Hannah (busy mum and long days at work):

'I realise how my movements have been affecting my neck pain. I have been carrying around these movement patterns for so long. It's been mind-blowing - I have a whole new understanding of what's going on, it’s inspired me and given me an opportunity to change'.

John (computer & phone based work):

'I love the notion of building circuitry in the brain to change the way I move, building resilience ... understanding the things that are influencing how I move day to day. I have the tools to make the changes and everyday I can see the progress'.

Paulo (Loves Golf and Tennis) :

'Despite strength training, stretching and numerous treatments my shoulder pain was influencing my enjoyment and performance of my golf and tennis. This programme really got to the nuts and bolts  and has allowed me to put it all behind me and I am back to my competitive self '.

Lila (Moving away from 10 years of pain):

'I have established a routine of doing the breathwork and my exercises, I have noticed the changes already and I am getting to control my pain - not the other way around - it's brilliant'.



Dr Scilla Dyke MBE

‘As an elite international dance artist, advocate, academic, author and performance coach I implicitly understand the importance of movement health across the lifespan.

Sarah combines a profound understanding and belief in the potential impact of movement on quality of life. Sarah’s holistic integrated process champions a strategy to embrace the individual’s narrative and practice with bespoke retraining ….it is so much more than exercise; it is gaining insight and awareness to achieve a transformational shift in ways to move.

The mind-body connection, beyond functional performance restores choices of healthy movement and acquiesces opportunities. Using the body and mind allows physical, mental and social wellbeing and gives possibilities to {re} engage with life for long-term health’.

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