The brain, pain and healthy moves

‘What fires together wires together’.

The brain, pain and healthy moves

This phrase makes so much sense when we think about how up-to-date pain science is helping people with ongoing pain.

... because understanding changes in the neural circuity is the basis of resolving pain AND restoring healthy movement.

And for me this is exciting because the solution is simple: rewire the brain/change the neural circuity.

The latest pain science fits so neatly with our work of restoring healthy movement. The research I have done (along with many others), illustrates that ongoing pain changes our movement patterns.

And we can restore lost patterns, find healthy movement and move away from pain.

Allowing us the option to move with flow and ease.

Healthy Movement Insight:

The more the brain does a certain task, the stronger that neural network becomes, making the process more efficient each successive time.

This applies not only to restoring healthy movement but also how we process pain.
‘Neurones that fire together wire together’

This phrase was first used in 1949! Donald Hubb, a Neuropsychologist described how pathways in the brain are formed and reinforced through repetitions.

And neural pathways can be influenced by so many factors, weaknesses, tightness, emotions, habits, pain, history and your story, sport activities and training.

And these influences can maintain pain and stop us moving the way we wish.

Retraining the brain and the nervous system allows us to focus on recovery, rather than the management of symptoms.

A simple message but not easy to implement. I take my clients through a programme to do just that… retrain the brain and find healthy movement. We work together to get the job done.