The Brain, Processing and Pain

The Brain, Processing and Pain

The Brain, Processing and Pain

 So many things affect how we move, how we feel and pain.

The brain is like a computer processor, processing all the information that comes in - pain, emotions, feedback from touch and movement and so much more.

Pain also influences the processing of how we coordinate movements of the head, neck and shoulder and how we coordinate patterns of muscles.

Pain changes how we move and this can set up a never ending cycle of ongoing pain.

We can take small steps everyday to influence this processing:

  • breathwork
  • exercise
  • movement breaks
  • meditation
  • mindfulness

I value breathwork so much to influence the processing.  The breath can influence neck pain and visa versa.

The good news is we can change the processing and restore healthy movement.

My mission is to help people find strategies to move better, get to the root cause of their problem and set them up for a lifetime of healthy movement.

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