Super Graduation

Yesterday was Super Graduation at University of Southampton.

Super Graduation

I understand there were about 3000 graduands there. Many students from the faculties of Environmental and Life Sciences and Medicine.

I was 2996 in line. So I had some time to reflect on the work that I do and what I bring to my clients.

I was chatting to Maria Stokes [Professor of Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, School of Health Sciences, University of Southampton] afterwards who encouraged and supported me to provide proof-of-concept to the movement assessment and retraining that I value so much in clinical practice.

She said to me... 'remember when we first met I didn't really understand what you did'.

However, being enthusiastic about changing the way we move, to move us out of pain, she gave me the benefit of the doubt. She challenged me back in 2005 'to do some research to prove what you do works'.

16 years later, through my post as a Visiting Academic at the University of Southampton, we have published seven collaborative research papers. All key in laying the foundations (along with 24 other publications) to evaluate how changes in the way we move can influence ongoing pain. #careers

And yesterday was a milestone as I celebrated #success with my PhD 'The Health of Movement - Recognising Movement Choices in Individuals for Long-Term Health'. 

HOW we move can have such an influence on ongoing pain and is a factor in persisting pain. So, for many, it can be HOW THEY MOVE that can contribute to maintaining their pain.

That's what I am passionate about - exploring how people move and then helping them out of pain. And that is what we were reflecting on yesterday...

And that I met the challenge and have done some research to prove what I do works.

And there is a whole lot more research which shows similar results.

To move with ease we need to have lots of options of how we coordinate the joints and muscles in our bodies. Pain jumbles with these coordination patterns. We lose movement options.
 And losing movement options can put stress and strain on our already sensitised tissues, maintaining the problem. Continued back neck pain etc.

And this is the work I do at The Movement Works with The Healthy Movement Programme