Manual Therapy or Healthy Movement options

Hands on or hands off therapy?  It's such a hot topic in the therapy professions and one that has provoked many a heated debate!

Manual Therapy or Healthy Movement options

I was once asked to join once such debate. I asked the organiser which side they wanted me to support. Their reply - 'you choose'. I declined because both have value. And hands on could be facilitating better movement!

Many of the techniques encompassing manual therapy and hands on therapy are targeted to work on pain, stiffness and tight muscles. And whilst they give relief often the pain recurs. Many of my clients have found relief from symptom centric treatments but haven't got the long term solution they are looking for.

But they had hope and kept looking!

On this page we talk about the importance of healthy movement to keep our neuromusculoskeletal system healthy. Science shows us that healthy movement patterns change with pain and restoring these healthy movement patterns can move people way from pain.

Now what about joint stiffness and tight muscles - the things that are the focus of so many treatments?

When we lose our healthy movement our patterning changes and we use some patterns more - the result is joints get stiff, muscles get sore and stressed. They get the attention of the therapy.

What about we the change the movement patterns - a different focus?

It works. Studies show us that. But it needs to be targeted to the individual patterns and that is tricky. Once you know what you need to do you are 1/2 way there!

We can do this together exploring all the factors that influence your movement. We piece together the puzzle of a lifetime of movement, habits, injuries, trauma, sport and lifestyle. We highlight what's missing and how things tie together. Then we set about restoring your healthy movement and move away from pain, stiffness and restrictions. Because you don't need those patterns any more - or hands on therapy!

Backed by science. Guess I support the hands off therapy by restoring healthy movement!

Happy to see if working together moves towards healthy movement.

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