Exploring the missing pieces of the puzzle

One of the things that drives people to chat with me about their ongoing pain is HOPE.

Exploring the missing pieces of the puzzle

Hope there is a solution.

Hope: a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen.

With hope there is a window of opportunity.

Because people do move away from pain and do get back to the life they want.

Ongoing pain can be frustrating and costly and can give us the blues.

Sound familiar...

'It is affecting my wellbeing a lot because this situation has been going on for the last 4 years.
A few times I have felt depressed but most of the time I feel extremely frustrated and even angry because I do everything in my power to solve the problem but nothing works. And now it has got even worse. I have been spending money on treatments which give me no results or only temporary ones.'

But there is hope because we can move away from pain.

  • Work out the missing pieces of the puzzle
  • Restore healthy movement
  • Fit the puzzle together


Can you be confident this can work?

If we look at science we know exercise and movement is the go to strategy for the management of back pain, neck pain and knee pain (and more). And we know that there are pain management strategies that work.

It's the combination of these strategies, tailored to you, that gives results. Have confidence in science. This is the work I do.

'I came into the programme with more than 10 years of neck and shoulder pain and thought I had tried everything. I was at a particularly low point when I decided to join and was absolutely desperate to get rid of the pain. This was definitely the right thing to do. Today, my 'normal' is completely pain free. I am so pleased to have found this programme, it was a big leap of faith, but so worth it.'

If you'd like to explore moving away from pain - message me here